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January 20, 2011


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Literature Groups List

Journal Entry: Thu Jan 20, 2011, 9:14 AM
Literature Groups List

Few words on Groups VS. Clubs by the talented LadyLincoln -
Below you will find a wide variety of listings for a various selection of DeviantART Literature Groups and Clubs. This list is by no means complete, and if there are any additional ones you feel should be added, feel free to note leoraigarath and they will be added to the listing. Please be aware that Groups are not considered the same thing as Clubs. Clubs are considered to be standardized DeviantART-run accounts, and will have either a * or = symbol. Groups can be distinguished under the # symbols, and are maintained by their respective founders. If you have any questions about a particular group, it is always best that you contact its founder, co-founder, or various moderators. If you have any additional questions about how to go about creating a group, check out the FAQ.

New Groups: You have/heard of/participate in a group which is not listed - feel free to note me, leoraigarath, with your group's name, link and a 1-2 lines of About Us. Take heed - only LIT-RELATED groups will get into the list. Also please make sure that the groups/club have been active on the last month at least before submitting.

:new: = New additions to the list.

Remember the groups/clubs are here for you, participate, have fun, learn and respect those who invest a lot of time to make this community a community! Now dive in! :D

- Omri J. Luzon, leoraigarath


Adopt-A-Writer - Come in and adopt a writer! Or find someone who will offer critique, comments, advice, help, and friendship. You have the chance to be an adopter, an adoptee, mentor or just find yourself in an artistic partnership.

Authors-of-Fantasy - Here we are dedicated to helping authors of fantasy and science fiction based stories get constructive feedback and share links and articles on the writing process.

AuthorsEscape - You've found a great place to work on your writing. We hold many contests and we accept everyone who'd like to join. Don't hesitate to join, and we always look forward to reading what you write!


Based-On-A - Based-On-A is a place where every type of nonfiction, from creative memoirs to academic essays to journalistic pieces, can find a home. If it’s based on a true story, it belongs at #Based-On-A! We cannot wait to hear your stories.


DailyLitDeviations - Daily Literature Deviations is a group dedicated to promoting the work of Literature artists here on deviantArt.

dArtzine - dArtzine the best independent deviantART Webzine...


ElClubdelaPalabra - The club of the word creates contests on various topics, in all styles. They have literary games, projects like sending letters with stories, teamwork. Every Monday there are articles, entitled "Lunes literarios", related to literature which are posted in the club, and on one of the major Hispanic groups, noticias.


Flash-Fic-Month - Flash Fiction Month is an annual community writing event, run in July, in which participants write one piece of flash fiction every day for a month.

FreePoetry - Do you like creating and/or reading experimental poetry and short prose? Then you've come to the right place. This group is about sharing your poetry without having to worry about people turning it down because it does not fit into their preconceived idea of poetry.


the-haiku-club - The Haiku Club is a literature project established to encourage writers to explore all forms of Eastern poetry. To reach these goals, The Haiku Club provides resources and events that challenge participants to better understand the Eastern poetry forms.

:HammeredPoetry - Sick of prompts like "write about ashes" or competitions rewarding "the best poem about winter"? It's easy to fall into the trap of writing what we're good at. Hammered exists to set detailed writing prompts which will inspire you to step outside your comfort zone, risk doing the difficult thing, and actually improve as an artist.


lacoterie - You know that writing group you go to down at the local coffeeshop, where everyone reads each other's work and discusses it? You get in-depth feedback on what you're doing, where to go with it, and how to get better, and you have the opportunity to see what other people are doing as well.

Lesbian-Lit-Club - Home of Lesbian Literature.

Lit-Twitter - Tired of going through journals and news articles to find out what's happening in DevArt literature? Lit-Twitter will keep you in the loop!

theletterbox - theletterbox is the headquarters for active literature groups across deviantART to share ideas, information and to collaborate on projects to present a more united literature experience for deviant writers.

Literary-Perceptions - We are a group that focuses on getting literature out into the open here on deviantART. Whether you write poetry, lyrics, fiction or non-fiction, there will be a place for you here.

Literary-Visions - We at #Literary-Visions and our associate group *Literary-Visionaries desire to not only to be a part of the Literature Community of deviantart but to inspire it and spotlight it. There are so many groups based around Literature, but few offer more than a place to see your work stored and possibly gain a few extra views.

LITplease - LITplease offers great opportunities for writers to practice their craft through prompts, contests, workshops, and other projects aimed at flexing those writing muscles.

Live-Love-Write - Live-Love-Write is a club all about helping the writers here on deviantArt, new and old. Through contests, features and much more, writers are given a chance to express themselves and learn more from others.

LitWIP - To provide a forum for authors who have original stories that are... Works In Progress. To provide authors the opportunity to have their stories read by those in the deviantART community. To provide the author the option of having their works critiqued by the readers if they so choose. To provide the reader with original works to read, critique and enjoy.

Love-4-Dark-Poetry - :devolve-4-dark-poetry: is a group that I'm in and it's about the same as Free-Poetry but for the darker writers out there.

lyriclub - lyriclub is a group for songwriters and other poets, that helds a contest each month and occasionally a Critique Week, too.

Lyrics-Community - Lyrics-Community is dedicated to lyrics as well as lyrically related or inspired art.


MythMash - MythMash is a group for works of literary fiction. We are dedicated to fun and functionality. We're here to help you connect with some fantastic fiction, and have a few lulz while you're at it.


NaNoWriMo-Love - A group for all you NaNoWrimo crazies out there! (Yup, I'm one of the crazies too).

The-Novelist-Club - A collective group of novelist writers on DeviantArt.


Open-Mic-Poetry - This is a place for all poets to come together and share their poetry.....All poetry is welcome.

TheOtherPoets - This is a group looking for flare, no fear to express whats on the heart and mind, and something just a bit different than the other pieces of poetry out there.


PennedPaper - This is a group for all lovers of literature. All genres, all styles, all themes. We are dedicated to improving the quality of literature on dA and increasing exposure to the writers who make up the community.

:new:Poemas - Before you join read the rules: (1) Have fun, (2) Poetry, Prose, and short stories, (3) Respect the artist and/or writer critque if asked otherwise don't...

Poet-Article-Project - The thing is to write an article on a poet, who writes on your poetry in return. Please upload these to this group, to create a lively and large project.

PoetsandWriters - Poets and Writers is a group dedicated to the creation of literature, particularly fiction. Any poems or short stories are accepted, and all are allowed to join. However, because we're dedicated to catering to all ages, we do not allow mature deviations to be submitted to our group.

PoetsClub - The Poet's Club is all about poetry. Contest, themes, discussions, challenges, and helpful tools will be guides to poets who want to practice and develop their skills in poetry.

PPPLit - PPPLit (Prodigious Poetry and Prose) is dedicated to featuring underappreciated Literature here on deviantART! This is dedicated to giving writers the recognition they truly deserve and bringing literature to the front of this community.

Prosemonkeys - A group for literature creation, no matter what your style is we make room for you. With weekly prompts, features, and a monthly news article to boot. It's all about the art creation, and spreading dA love. If you write prose this is the place for you.


quill-cafe - A group set up for all classes of creative writing - whether you write novels, short stories, poetry, film scripts, plays, monologues, comic scripts, song lyrics, etc.


Realm-of-Fantasy - Fantasy, by its core definition is: the free play of creative imagination. This is a place for both Artists and Enthusiasts to come and share their imagination, and meet others with a similar passion. This Group features Fantasy and Science Fiction related Artwork and Literature.

RenderWonderland - RenderWonderland is a community for fantasy, science fiction, and horror writers/poets. RW showcases members' literature, highlights events concerning these genres on/off dA, and creates an environment for members to meet others with similar goals.


ScreamPrompts - This is a prompt-only group that is designed to help you think about what you're writing (it won't hurt, I promise). You will find prompts that are challenging and unique but not intimidating.

Scribblers-Anonymous - We are a club dedicated to prose and poetry writers of any style, genre, characters, themes, and more. If anyone wants a place to show off their under appreciated literary style for their genre of choice, we welcome him/her with open arms, wide eyes, and great interest.

ShortStackStories - Our goal is to increase the reader for short stories and to spread the interest to everyone for appreciate, and hopefully, they will be able to write short stories as a hobby.

SongofthePoets - SongofthePoets is a group for rhythmical poetry and poetry in general, that features a selection from the gallery in a news article every month.


transliterations - transliterations aims to promote and prompt literature in translation. Translation here means to move from one language to another--whether that language be English, Greek, paint, photography or music. We are all about bringing different artforms and artworlds together.

TransmetLit - TransmetLit is a literature group dedicated to the creation and further evolution of transgressive fiction.


Vignettophiles - Not all of us can write thousand-page epics. If original flash fiction, drabbles, and vignettes are your specialty, come on down and make your work at home! We embrace all genres, barring pornography and erotica. Now seeking affiliates!


We-Write-Fantasy - Do you have a fantasy story that nobody's reading because they can't take the time too? Wanting to break free, but nobody's listening? Well here's a group ready to give feedback. Our group is soley dedicated to fantasy stories.

wordflight - A general literature group, relatively new. We are open to new and innovative techniques and ideas! We accept almost every form of literature (including visual and non-fiction). We give prompts and contests with open-ended topics.

Word-Smiths - Not an exclusive group, but we do want your best work. We want poetry and prose that says something - tells a story; evokes a mood or memory; stirs an emotion; takes the reader out of him or herself.

Wordspill-Central - Wordspill is a group designed to offer motivation for any level of writer who wants to get words on a page.

writers-in-progress - Writers-In-Progress exists to provide a safe place for writers to upload their peices and receive helpful critiques in order to become a better writer.

Writers-Guild-DA - We are a group dedicated to showcasing our member's literature as well as encouraging our members to critique each other's works.

TheWritersMeow - For writers looking for constructive criticism, writing tips, publishing tips, and encouragement. Regular contests, exercises, & special features. We feature both prose and poetry. A friendly, family-like community!

write-to-live - dedicated to those who use writing as an outlet for emotional troubles AND for those who just want to write in a particular emotional theme (i.e. love, dislike, harmony, insecurity... anything of the sort).

Writers-Workshop - #Writers-Workshop runs a variety of workshops led by members of the community, all of which allow writers of all abilities to discover new forms, develop new skills, and have a bit of fun with new writing tasks.

writingclub - We try to appreciate all the types of literature that there is. We want people who have had little experience be able to talk and throw around ideas with someone who knows a lot of the tricks of the trade.

The-Writers-Review - There is a lack of feedback for literature here on DA. Our mission is to change this. We are focused on giving literature the attention it deserves by critiquing and commenting.

WriterArt - WriterArt is a mini-community within the big world that is deviantArt, where writers can focus their audience to just a specific group of people who are more likely to discover and comment on each other's literature. This is Where Writers find Writing.

WritersPen - Poetry is possibly the most beautiful way to express an emotion. It is deep, moving... Raw. That is why we feel the need to have a group devoted to poetry. Writer's Pen is all about poetry and the poets who write it!

WritersInk - Stories were being told before writing even existed, and story tellers were revered people who were always welcome. This is a place were all storytellers are welcome no matter the age, interest, or strength.

theWrittenRevolution - theWrittenRevolution is a literature group designed to give all dedicated and inspired writers the chance to develop and promote their work in order to get feedback, whether it be prose, poetry, song lyrics or any other form of writing. Our Twitter account, @WrittenRevolt, will keep you up to date on group activities and literature news around deviantART.


Xpose-it - Xpose-it is a group that aims to bring Xposure to books, music and films, deviants and deviations, countries, projects, contests and much more right to your message centre.


YouAsTheNarrator - This is a Literature Based Writing Prompt Group specifically designed for Original Characters and extreme limitations in order to utilize writing skill. Everything here is based off Original Characters (OC) that are submitted to a specific folder and then used against the different scenarios/prompts offered by the group.

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